What is a CareSharePlan?

CareSharePlanTM is an easy to use, easily accessible tool that helps providers better collaborate with other professionals in a care team setting.  This care utility will not only deliver a superior care plan to patients, but also allow them to track progress toward better health and more easily communicate with their care team.

A CareSharePlan is the primary means for care managers to work with their care team, communicate goals and care recommendations to the patient, and to ultimately ensure that all patient goals are met.




Why You Need CareSharePlan

  • If you operate within a care team and struggle to efficiently share patient information in a timely manner, you need a CareSharePlan.
  • If you discover significant information gaps that prohibit full development of a plan that patients can adhere to, you need a CareSharePlan.
  • If certain members of your care team are “locked out” by restrictive software licensure requirements or IT structures, you need a CareSharePlan.
  • If your current tools are too rigid or prescriptive to be used in the dynamic care team model required to serve the complex clinical and social needs of your patients, you need a CareSharePlan.
  • If you are tired of waiting for current vendors to deliver on care plan promises, you need a CareSharePlan.


Who Developed CareSharePlans?

CareSharePlanTM was developed by Phase Space Inc. a health care software development firm.

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